Sea Trial without planning

The word trial says that something is going to be tested since it is either new or has been modified or changed in one way or another. This also means that you have to expect that the systems might not function to 100% and therefore some precautions needs to be taken, such as:

– All involved have the same information. Simply, they are on the same page!

– The area where the trial will take place, or areas which you navigate through to the trial area needs to be assessed with reference to worst case scenario, which is Black out or loss of propulsion or steering.

– The ship needs to be maneuverable with respect to draft, propulsion and steering capabilities.

– Etc.

In MARS Report for April 2013 you can among other things read about a poorly planned sea trial with a quite big vessel. This time they were lucky, but under slightly different circumstances the outcome of the incident could have been completely different.


Read about this in the MARS report forApril 2013.


MARS Report No. 246 April 2013