Risk Assessment makes a difference!

The comment for the MARS Report this month could more or less been copied and pasted from last month. Again an accident has been reported which includes some kind of rope or wire.

This month it is a routine task on board a tug boat (MARS 201302) which suddenly due to a oil leak changed to a non routine task, which was commenced without any risk assessment or JSA carried out. The result was a severed leg of the Chief Officer. He was lucky though, that he did not die.

I am sure that this accident could have been avoided if the crew only made an all stop, evaluated the situation, assessed the risks involved with the alternative way to solve the problem and acted as planned. It is called STOP – THINK – PLAN – ACT!

Read about this and much more in MARS report for January 2013.


MARS Report No. 243 January 2013