Beware of the bight!

They happens all the times, the accidents and incidents we do not think will happen. In this issue of the MARS Report there are two mooring related accidents, of which one has been published in its own report here on .

MARS 201259 is about a roller fairlead that fails, the failread roller shears off and hit a crew member who had to undergo surgery and was hospitalized for more than two weeks.

Even if it was unexpected that the roller at this location should be the weakest link, the crew member was still standing in the line of fire with regards to the aft port roller fairlead.

Please take a moment before each mooring operation for toolbox meeting, with the crew, plan how to put the ropes and discuss where the dangerous zones are located.


Read about this and much more in MARS report for December 2012.


MARS No. 242 December 2012