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HSE Audit

HSE/Q work is differently described in different companies. At the end of the day everyone is talking about the same thing:

To keep the employees healthy, safe and aware of their footprints in the environment. It also includes policies of how to act in order to minimize the effect of these footprints and how to carry out the job to the highest possible quality.

Safety costs a lot of money, but comparing with an incident/accident which also might be fatal, it is nothing. To invest in safety will affect the whole organization from top to bottom if it is done in the correct way.

A successful implementation requires transparency!

We can assist to create the platform  for future development towards a safer workplace. It will all start with a HSE Audit to evaluate the present safety standard. Depending on the Safety score of that audit, different solutions will be implemented to increase the scoring, i.e. the safety.

We can also act as a third party HSE Representative on any offshore project.