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Marine Inspection of Small Work Boats (MISW)

The purpose of the IMCA Marine Inspection for Small Work Boats (MISW) document is to provide a basic marine inspection standard for workboats which are used world-wide and are less than 500 gross tonnage and/or less than 50 metres in length and are therefore not required to have either an International Safety Management or an International Ship Security certificate, although the principles outlined within the two codes are worth following.

A ‘small workboat’ means a small vessel in commercial use, other than for sport, pleasure, pilot duties, surveying of harbours and their approaches or dredging.  These small workboats could be used for various appropriate tasks such as inshore survey, repair of remote equipment, shallow water air dive support, construction support and personnel transfer.

The main purpose of this checklist is to verify that a workboat is being operated in a safe manner.  It is not intended to verify that the vessel has been constructed or operated in accordance with the requirements of any specific International Maritime Organization, flag state or coastal state regulation nor is it intended to indicate that the vessel is suitable for a particular role or job.


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