Human Errors at the DP Console

One week ago IMCA released the Incident Reports for 2012 regarding DP station keeping incidents and there are some things to consider within the report.

Human errors was explained as the main cause for 17% of the incidents, and numerous of the these incidents included pushing the wrong button at the wrong time.

We talk mainly about the DP st-by button, surge, sway and yaw button.

The solution to this problem is simple, and it can be implemented by the DPO’s on board. The solution is simply to cover the button with a piece of plastic cover. The thing is that these things have happens for years, and will continue to happen in the future, so why are not these buttons correctly protected when the unit leaves the manufacturer? It has been proven during the years that the double-click button is not enough!

Another incident proves that it is very important the the DPO’s know the capabilities of their vessel’s DP system. This incident was from a vessel that was pumping fuel to a barge. Suddenly the vessel lost both DGNSS, which was the only PRS’s in use. The DPO immediately swithced to Joystick instead of letting the DP model do the work for him during dosconnection of the hose.

Thruster/propulsion errors was the main cause for 31% of all incidents.

It is highly recommended for all operators and DPO’s to use this IMCA document during table top drills on board or in any other way make is available for everyone involved in the operation to read.