A HSE Management System tends to include a lot of paper work in forms of procedures, checklists and important information. From the very beginning it was possible to visual see how big the manual, or manuals for that instance were, since they were printed and put into a binder which stood in the book shelf.

Today when many of the systems are computer based, it is not easy to get an overview of its size, it is just a number of files and links in a database.

On bigger vessels (>500 GRT) the crew at least have a chance to cope with the system, to fill in all checklists, to do all inspections and write all reports. But how do the smaller vessels do it?

Some might say that the systems are no just as big as on bigger vessel and it might be true, but still, the other day I received a mail from a Captain on board a small tugboat who complained about the increased work load due to the “papers”. The company is known world wide and have an enormous organization.

I strongly believe that it is possible to created a HSE MS which is easy to work with for a small crew, but it cost little more money and take some time to develop. Is anyone interested?

I believe this is an important question! What do you think?