Tombarra – Malfunction of a davit proximity switch resulting in tha failure of a rescue boat fall wire with the loss och one life.

Rescue boats, or FRC’s are involved in a number of fatal accidents every year. There are manu sequences during a rescue boat manouvre that expose the users for hazards, hazards they are supposed to be trained for, but the accidents still happens.

How can we reduce the number of accidents with those boats? Some say, “Remove them, we can’t use them anyway in bad weather!”. I know one thing, in the seismic business we used them more or less every day, and it takes training to be comfortable as a coxswain on board, to be able to handle launch/recover is different types of weathers.

Maybee more stringent training is needed, just because you have a nice piece of paper in your hands, does not mean that you actually can handle the boat!

Read the report and  give inputs of how you see that this accident could be avoided!